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I'm in the same boat sensimilla. I also went to the Nvidia website to verify that a Linux driver was available before purchasing an 8800GT. Their driver selector cheerfully lied to me and said there was one.

As to installing the card, it will not work at all with nvidia binary drivers. The only thing I have found to work with it is the 'vesa' driver. That works fine for a 2D desktop, but you have no 3D, and no video playback ability.

I've been hanging on, believing the 'high priority' and 'coming this week' messages. But if the 'Christmas is optimistic' post is correct, then I need to return the card and go back to my faithful 7xxx series.

I think Nvidia has really deceived the Linux users with this card. Had the Nvidia website told me "There are no Linux drivers for the 8800GT at this time", I would have never purchased the card. Claiming to have Linux support when you know the driver is not ready for release is false advertising IMO.

I would really like to see a clear, unambiguous, and honest statement from Nvidia. If it's going to be weeks before there will be a Linux driver, then admit it and tell us the truth!
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