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Default Re: IGN's review of Crysis

After playing retail. I would give it 8 out of 10. The story just was lacking. There was nothing wanting you to push on to see what happens next. Stalker was a great game because I had seen all the pictures of the reactor and the ferris wheel, bumper cars in Pripyat. So getting to actually see all that stuff up close drove me to want to see more.

Gameplay got boring after awhile it's not any different than most run and guns. Timeshift and Stranglehold let you slow down or pause time. In Crysis you cloak. Basically the result is all the same - you get the jump on the baddies. So while clock may be cool the whole experience wasn't any different than Max Payne, Stranglehold and Timeshift - games that have given us the ability to get the jump.

The only thing that Crysis excels in is environment destructability. But again - Red Faction let you blow holes in everything. There is nothing ground breaking that Crysis does. Seeing trees come down was pretty cool or tossing a grenade and taking out a building. But there was something goofy with this. I could pickup a barrel and pretty much walk through a building or kick out a 4x4 and knock down a carport thing. But I couldn't shoot the 4x4 to knock it down and throwing the barrel didn't have the same effect. The physics are really screwed up. Holding a barrel makes you walk through building destroying them - but shooting that same 4x4 does nothing... ok??

The AI was ridiculously stupid and then ridiculously hard. I love when the boats miles out will know your exact location when one of the guards on land sees you. The AI got pretty tiring at how bad it was.

Good game, not a 10 - performance and bugs hold it back. 8 out of 10 -
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