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Ironically one of my main reasons for buying an Nvidia card was due to their better reputation for supporting new cards under linux and generally having higher quality (though not perfect) drivers.

I have got the impression though that this reputation may be more due to the abysmal support that ATI have in the past provided for linux users rather than Nvidia actually being all that good in this area. It seems to me that good support for linux is increasingly becoming an area that PC enthusiasts are interested in, even if they still boot into windows for games. ATI/AMD seem to have noticed this, releasing the specs for their latest cards has definitely boosted their stock among the linux hardcore and even their binary drivers show much improvement lately.

I hope, I don't come to regret my decision to buy an Nvidia card... this whole business does not seem to bode well.

I agree with bitmage we need a clear, unambiguous, and honest statement from Nvidia or my card is going back.

BTW Does anyone know how to complain to Nvidia about their misleading website ? I couldn't find an email address for complaints or website errors anywhere...
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