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Originally posted by Nv40
my feedback is that is not anymore the site i used to visit ,
to know more about Nvidia news without reading first exactly the THE SAME DISCUSSION , but under Dozens of Anti-Nvidia threads first ,in the Nvidia news section.

its quite IRONIc how rage3d ,only post in their headlines the positive side of ATI ,the positive news of ATI ONLY and in their FOrums everything is well controlled in benefit for ATi users. here at Nvnews even the moderators and/or ADmins are responsible for the many DIssapointed NVusers with this site. that are Extremely tolerant with ANTi-Nvidia people ,that their only intentions is not to "inform" but to FLame Nvidia users for not using ATI cards .
firstly... rage3d is practically the only real place to have an ati discussion... look @ the calibre of people who regularly visit there... it is quite good... there are many blatantly blind fanboys like yourself who do frequent the place... but there is a reason for everything...

on a daily basis you will see guy with 1 or 2 posts come out and start a thread about omg.. ati sux0rs coz of this and this.. and looking @ todays products.. being as this is not the case... pro-nvidia views such as that are not taken kindly...

there are the regular trolls and regular numbnuts who haven't a clue what they are talking about... but thats @ every site... even on this site as you should well know...

nvnews is an nvidia related forum... ergo it will report the good/the bad and the ugly... (IMO) and this is what the mods and mike have done...

I think the mods here are quite cool considering the amount of rubbish they have to go through on a daily basis... but these fanboys also bring hits to this site... make it more popular and you see more and more nvidia oriented people also coming here... that is a positive... besides. it generates more revenue

you will realise if you look that most so called ati fanboys are not really so... they happen to be critical of all hardware if it does not operate to specs... do you realise how many ati fans bash ati for incorrect implementation of SS and software truform and whatnot in the current r3xx lineup ?

if nvidia releases good hardware and the company does not employ underhanded tactics.... it will be bashed less...

blindly overlooking the NEGATIVES of any IHV is giving it a free passport to continue the crap it was engaging in before...

you yourself fail to look @ the information that many posters routinely... and pointlessly search for and provide from as unbiased a POV as possible... because since it is anti-nvidia it becomes false information

it is unfortunate but perhaps it is not so much nvidia bashing as failing to accept that perhaps there IS something wrong in what nvidia is doing... and perhaps hoping that some day this will be fixed so that we can all enjoy our purchases and games w/o having to worry about being tricked into buying hardware that does not perform as expected...
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