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Default White screen after logging in. (Ubuntu Gnome 7.10)

Hi again.

I had a problem to install my nVidia GeForce 8500 GT some time ago in Ubuntu (Gnome) and I solved my problem after a suggestion of some mod.
But, after installing properly my Driver, I had another problem.

I turn on the computer, and after some time the nVidia logo shows up.
Then, there's the Log-in screen, and I login perfectly.

The welcome melody plays and then, it shows up the orange part and at top left of the screen there's a black square. When it should load up the taskbar and wallpaper, my screen goes white and the only thing I can see is the cursor.

After that problem, I thought it could be because I didn't install nvidia-glx-new.
I pressed Ctrl+Alt+F1 for the Console mode and installed it. Then I rebooted my computer and tried to login and see if things loaded normally, but they didn't.

Can anyone help me out?
Thanks anyway.
(obs: I read the stickies. No similar problem)

Edit: problem solved =)
#Close Request

(btw, if anyone else has the same problem... it was compiz opened... i dunno why x.x
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