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Default Re: GPU gets not utilized (G84)

Originally Posted by Lithorus
If you are really that certain that Wine is not the problem, why are you so reluctant to prove your claim with running native vs native.
As I said, I dont want to put more effort into that. And it seems you still dont get it, maybe its me who makes things a little bit unclear(sorry for that). Whenever the speed is low also display of my graphic card indicates that by displaying low temperature values. Native games show correct values, as most of wine applications. Correct means 48-50 C (heavy load), uncorrect 38-42 C (idle, 2D Mode).
So its not about speed, its about a gpu that doesnt seem to operate correctly and put most of the work to the cpu. As it does operate correctly under windows, I assume that my hardware is ok but the driver needs to be fixed.
Why don't we play the game the other way arround, prove me that nvidia-drivers are correct!?!

Originally Posted by Lithorus
Also the numbers on the linux drivers doesn't really translate directly to Windows numbers AFAIK.
And why do they put a 100 infront of it? For Fun? They explicit changed their driver naming model to reflect that. Also see the latest released legacy drivers.
No, nvidia still didnt released the 160.x drivers to linux users and Im waiting for it...

Originally Posted by Lithorus
Another thing. Could you test wether your overclocked CPU is REALLY running at that speed? I've seen some posts somewhere else that overclocked CPU's might get reported wrongly. For instance what is the CPU speed score in 3dmark03?
Its working correctly. Phoronix gets 110fps in their benchmark I get 164fps.
They have Pentium D820 ( 2,8 Ghz) and me Core2 (2,9 Ghz).
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