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I am reminded of a time when my kids were small. The wife would make this fantastic peanut brittle. You see, a friend of ours was a peanut farmer and would bring us fresh peanuts at harvest time.
So the peanut brittle was always top notch.
The kids loved it.

One day the farmer sold the farm and retired, so she switch to store bought peanuts. The kids started to complain. The complaints got worse with each batch.

I sat the kids down one day and told them, "You know, you're mother could be spending time doing other things than making peanut brittle for you guys. You complain about the peanuts without so much as a concern with the effort she goes through for you."

Yes, they were a little spoiled, but they got the message and all was right with the world after that.

This topic just struck a chord.
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