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Default 100.14.19 driver vs 100.14.23 driver.

Hi guys,
I have installed 100.14.19 driver on mine 8600M GT.

This drivers works like a charm in Fedora 8 using compiz. Infact with this driver I can reach 800FPS in compiz benchmark, without problem.

With 100.14.23 driver I can reach "only" 500FPS and it seems to hang KDE when I try to shutdown the pc.
With 100.14.23 I need to use this string in xorg.conf to make compiz work:
SubSection "extmod" Option "omit xfree86-dga" EndSubSection

How is it possible?
Another questions. Why on this forum they link 100.14.19 and not 100.14.23? What is the best choice?
Please help.

FPC Bench, a good java benchmark for mobile phones and PDA.
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