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Default Re: Crysis *NOT* optimized for Multi-Core, yet?

Originally Posted by hellawaits
there are some pretty intense sequences later where there are mortars and what have you going off everywhere, and none of my cores have even gone near 90%! i remember cevat saying that it wouldn't provide necessarily faster FPS, but reduce overall stuttering and make for a more smooth gameplay. i didn't start this thread with the intention of bashing cevat or crysis, as i have a feeling that we will see a patch on release day fixing some problems of the shipped build. i have confidence that crytek will fix this issue (not using my 4 cores!), the question is how long will it take. if they fail to deliver, don't expect anyone to listen to a thing crytek says in the future.

*edit* i spelled the first word incorrectly and that **** bugs me

Well if the CPU could do more work to improve performance, by all means thats why I bought a quad. I'd like to see them optimize for multi cores more than they have. You know 20 - 30 FPS ain't a whole lot so if the CPU has to do a bit of work to help out then by all means.
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