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Default Re: Blizzard changes arguments wrt game balance questions, when it comes to locks

Originally Posted by Ninja Prime
So stuns can't be applied again? Good to know. I guess I was playing another game where a rogue can stunlock me for over a minute if he wants...
A palys stun has a cooldown on it. They can not just keep stunning and stunning. I also remember having to wait for the CD, and when in raids, when a couple locks are banishing multiple targets, the same paly can't stun to break the next one right in a row due to the CD.

Or a hunter can kite me around forever while being immune to any CC.
This is pattently false; and I can speak as one who's current main is a hunter. I'm marksman spec now for raids, but I was BM, and am well aware of enrage pet and the beast within. However, this forever you speak of simply isn't there. Enrage pet has a duration of 18 secs, which is not forever. Also, it has a cooldown, as does intimidation (pet stun). Look at the mention on my main's talent trees for BM (though he doesn't have points there anymore), and see specifically what it says on duration and cooldown.

Under the skills people could mention, the text/tooltip, clearly shows, as can be seen on that page clearly shows that the effects duration is 18 secs long (hardly forever), and can not be recast for a 2 minute cooldown.

Lock cooldowns simply aren't restrictive like this.

Now as to the fear, it can be chained, and I do not care how many items with a long cooldown respective to the spam of fear are created. This wouldn't be balanced, until the trinket for instance could break fear on the same CD the lock can caste it. But I'll say this, if that devs response holds, then I'd be OK with the status quo remaining here, only if other nerfs to other classes get removed. If locks get to keep this, then hunters should be able to get their un-nerfed, non-normalized attack speed broaken tooths back. If they can't, it's time to hold that dev to task on the whole issue of game balance when locks are brought up too. Or I'll give the other mention to someone elses post, as I agree with someone else who posted latter.
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