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Default Re: Blizzard changes arguments wrt game balance questions, when it comes to locks

Originally Posted by lIqUID
this game would be so much more fun without crowd control. I easily get past locks with my undead rogue, but my pally has a hell of a time not getting feared to death.

in PVP fear should be broken by ANY damage done, just like polymorph, sap and scattershot.
See, here I agree. How many forms of CC can continue to function even while damage is taken, such as by DoTs, health drains, or other means. The only others I can think of off top of my head are stun (which like with a paly has more then a few sec CD) and frost nova, which to best of my knowledge doesn't seem to have one. However range can still attack when novaed, unless at least before this patch it was a hunter stuck in it's "no kill zone" between melee and range (adjusted in 2.3).

Sheep? A sheeped target regenerates health, while polymorphed and the effect is broaken when damage taken.

Freeze traps? Someone hits it, or one ends up trapping a DoTed target, instant broaken.

Most every form of CC is broaken when damage is taken, or the ability to respond (frost nova) isn't totally locked out to all classes. This one should be held to the same rules of damage breaks it automatically, as most any form of CC.
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