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Default Re: *** Official Retail Crysis Review Thread ***

Originally Posted by BadONE
I read in a post somewhere else, that the retail version of the game has been censored compared with the demo. Can you verify that there is less blood than in the demo e.g. the starting scene with Azetek (no blood dribbing from him)?

If this is true, than I will reconsider my decision to buy the game, because I would not like to support such a lame decision ..
No there's blood. There was never much blood to begin with. When you kill an enemy and they fall over, blood pools up under them, you get the blood splatters on the screen when you're getting shot and blood bursts when you shoot enemies. I skipped the cut scene with Aztek just becuase I've seen it a hundred times at this point.

The blood does seem a bit darker though for some reason. It's almost like them being covered in oil rather than red blood.

Still, choosing to pass up this game simply due to low amounts of gore would be an incredibly foolish decision. This has been one of the most satisfying gaming experiences I've ever had. I beat it yesterday afternoon and have gone back and quick loaded from where the demo leaves off. I'm only through to the next major objective and I spent easily over an hour JUST getting to the objective and then another hour infiltrating the base slowly and patiently. Much more gratifying. This method could easily drag the game out into a 15+ hour experience.
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