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Default Re: How is Crysis running for GeForce 7800 SLi users?

Originally Posted by gls5000
Hi, I've been playing around with the Crysis demo's settings all week trying to get a respectable frame rate. I've installed the latest nvidia drivers (169.09) but it doesn't seem to have made a difference to my frame rate.

I thought I'd make a separate thread for this because everywhere else people are talking about their 8 series cards, with 7 series users mysteriously silent.

How are other people finding Crysis with GeForce 7 series in SLi? Particularly the 7800 GTX.

I'm getting anything between 5 and 14 fps depending on my computer's mood (the Crysis benchmark gives me between 9 and 11 fps average. I'm reluctant to set Textures, Objects, Shaders, Postprocessing, and Water below High, or use a resolution below 1280 x 1024 (this is what's giving me the above frame rates).

I look forward to hearing other people's experiences (not 8800 users please, sorry, but there's already plenty of info for those). Thanks.
I would seriously suggest 1024x768 if you want the game to be both playable and enjoyable. Dropping the post-processing to low or at least medium will likely also give you another boost in frame rate, if it's still unplayable there try shadows on medium as well. If you're not willing to drop your settings you have 4 alternatives... 8800GT, 640MB 8800GTS, 8800GTX, 8800Ultra... there's just no way around it.


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