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Default Re: IGN's review of Crysis

Originally Posted by six_storm
This will be one of those games we will play through with not so great settings, then pick back up a year from now when we have better hardware. Oh well, I played through Far Cry on my FX5200 at 15-20FPS and then played it again when I bought my 6800GT.
Kinda like me and oblivion. I played countless hours through with my 6800GT and then my 7900GT at mostly high/medium settings and now I'm ripping through it again with all the upgraded texture packs with all graphics settings maxed out pegging the FPS counter at 60 the whole time.

Crysis... ehhh.. yeah it's a real visual treat on very high settings which is how I played through the game but I assume next year or whenever it is that they decide to release the more demanding shaders, I'll play through it with the same slack jaw and dumbfounded yet amazed look on my face.

I'm playing through the game again taking my time and approaching combat in a much more slow paced and methodical manner this time but I still find myself just as wowed with the graphics as I was the first time through. I mean, there are so many points in the game where you first lay eyes on certain special sprawling valleys or scenery that you can't help but just stare at it and even though I know what views await me and I know exactly what something is going to look like this 2nd time around, I'm still finding myself staring at it in disbelief.

It's pretty much the same way I was with oblivion. It looked great (so I thought) right out of the box but after the new textures were installed, it went from awesome to and I can only imagine that crysis will be the same way when they release the other shaders.
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