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Default Re: How is Crysis running for GeForce 7800 SLi users?

Perhaps you're right. The 8800 GTS 320MB should only run about 8-9 fps faster than 7800 GTX SLi but I expect your faster CPU might be adding the rest.

It's semi-playable in 1024 x 768 but the jagginess of detailed scenes is annoying, especially on 24" 1900 x 1200 monitor.

I got 14.14 fps at 1024 x 768
and 10.21 fps at 1280 x 1024
(shaders, textures, objects, postprocessing, and water on high, and the rest on medium).

It would seem a shame to have to pay out 200 / $400 to replace an already expensive SLi set-up that barely got used.

Do any 7800 GTX SLi users have any experiences to compare?
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