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Default Re: Help! I need tech advice on Crysis settings.

I think a single GTX is not capable to render the game playable at 2560x1600 other than maybe all settings on medium.

If you use 1920x1200 (or 1920x1080) you can try first DX9 and all settings on high, and if you are content with performance, you can try next DX10, all settings on very high, except shaders and postprocessing (on high) and simply add these two lines in your autoexec.cfg:


Which are most likely disabled at "high" postprocessing.

If you are not happy with performance in DX10, you will need to use the DX9 path with addional tweaks in the autoexec.cfg like:

; r_displayinfo = 1
e_water_ocean_soft_particles = 1
e_detail_materials_view_dist_xy = 4096
e_vegetation_sprites_distance_ratio = 1.5
e_view_dist_ratio_vegetation = 50
r_sunshafts = 1
r_DepthOfField= 1
r_MotionBlur= 1
r_Beams = 1
r_WaterReflectionsQuality = 3
r_WaterUpdateFactor = 0.03
r_WaterGodRays = 1
r_UsePom = 1
r_TexAtlasSize = 2048
g_battleDust_enable = 1

It should offer most of the DX10 effects but at a lower performance hit.

I also recommend launching the game in 64-bit since you have Vista64 but check the Nvidia profile because apparently the .exe in the retail game has a different name (crysis64.exe) compared to the demo (crysis.exe) so you are missing important game optimizations if you don't rename the exe in the profile or game exe itself.

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