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Default Re: hard freeze during xorg startup

I do not know if it is related, but here is a bug I reported to nVidia about memory remapping:
I ran into an issue where my (new Q6600-based) system would reboot or completely lock up upon running X with v100.14.1{1,9} and an XFX 8800GTS card. The nv driver did not exhibit any problems. OTOH, it did not exhibit fast 3D graphics either. It turned out that even though I did not have PAE enabled in the kernel, having "memory remapping" enabled (the default) in the BIOS was enough to cause the panic. No cores were generated and the screen was blank (black with the backlight on).

Assuming that the driver does not support memory remapping, I thought this would make for a nice addition to the FAQ in the README. If possible, maybe the (i386) driver could detect the memory remapping and cause X to exit with a log entry about the remapping not being supported?
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