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Default Re: nHancer version 2.1.1

Originally Posted by Cuban_Legend
Ok i love enhancer, i was able to import profiles from the 92.8x sdrivers into my 93.71 for my 7950 GX2, I like being able to overclock. But I'd like the newer drivers profiles, like for example the 169.09 Crysis profiles plaus All the new ones updates with that driver set.

But i get errors after extracting the nvapps.xl_ to nvapps.xml and trying to import that file which contains the newest profiles in teh installation directpory copied by the initial 169.09 driver pre-installation folder.

So my question is:
How can i add those new driver profiles from the newest drivers successfully and keep my 93.71 for my 7950 GX2. is there a way that i dont know about that's new?

I need some help please, i like teh SLi fix helping my FPs in Crysis , but i cant oveclock and that bugging me way too much, i cant have driers without that, hence why i have the 93.71's in teh first place. Thank You for your support!
What error message are you getting exactly?
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