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Default Re: Blizzard changes arguments wrt game balance questions, when it comes to locks

Originally Posted by Ninja Prime
So does fear. And a paladins main stun doesn't break on damage and is the longest stun in the game as I recall. A well geared retnoob can kill you on his hammer stun if hes lucky with crits.
I have a lock. Fear does not break on damage. DoTs have zero change to break a fear, while direct damage has a chance to break fear. Also, you can re-apply fear an infinite amount of times (limited by mana). In theory, you can fear/dot someone until they are dead.

A Paladin's stun is a one-shot type deal. And, a Ret Paladin isn't going to kill you during that stun unless A) they horrible outgear you AND B) they get REALLY lucky.

Bottom line is, comparing Warlock fear to a Paladin's stun is beyond assanine. It's just plain stupid.
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