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Default Re: GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap out-of-memory for legacy cards

That's good. Right?

I have lived on MS Windows boxes until now so I am unsure if this means my Gusty Ubuntu will automatically update tonight. (I have backports turned on in Software Sources.)

BTW, There were three needling issues in Gusty Ubuntu that kept me from jumping in more whole-heartedly...

1. Black Windows.
2. Management of wireless networks
3. The application called EverNote.

I am happy to say that:
1. I feel better now, knowing that nVidia is at least listening to the Linux community. Thanx for that fix!
2. An application called wicd, pronounced "Wicked" is a welcome replacement to Gnome-Network-Manager in Gusty.
3. Gmail Notebooks is getting closer to EverNote in productivity for me.

All that to say THANX! and to state that I am now permanently on Gusty... and I am getting happier every time I watch MS-patch-Tuesday come and go.

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