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Default Re: Thanks EB Crysis mine!

Originally Posted by agentkay
Exactly, its exclusive to pre-order and CE guys unless they enter and exit it then other team members (no CE or pre-order guys) can drive it as well. This might seem like it introduces inbalance but apparently it's not very fast in water and has a little less armour as well. I didn't play it yet, but thats what i heard.
Yeah I am familiar with the vehicle itself because I played the Beta. APC's are worthless when the enemy team has a bunch of rocket launchers, but they are good early in the round.

The thing rolls pretty easy too, but you can right yourself by shooting a TOW straight into the ground. You take some damage but you get to keep your vehicle...

Man if the MP DX10 really has SP physics I will finally have to buy vista. I so want to kill an online player with a falling tree or piece of house shrapnel.
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