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Default Re: HD DVD vs. Bluray - what's the staus?

my $0.02, and trying to be as non biased as possible.

Both are nearly identical, with some minor implementation differences. these differences are causing some teething problems, or are just silly check list items.

HD-DVD - has hit a more stable level earlier with their interactive menuing system
Blu-Ray- created a new advanced user interface system BL+ (?? not exactly sure) that is turning out to be difficult to implement and the current players are having some problem getting functional updates to support. Some recent titles didn't work on release day.
HD-DVD has a technical advantage as its easier (cheaper) to create snazzy menus.
Both are advancing..

Copy Protection:
Not heavily discussed, because neither camp likes to talk about that, except to attack each other.

Blu-Ray- has an advanced DRM (not fully released yet) that is attractive to the Studios looking to stop piracy (lost $$). End users may get really pissed if the studios end up killing the players because some jerk in Norway hacks the same model of player that they own. (this is a very complicated issue, but bricking of players is possible)
Hasn't happened ... YET!!!

Otherwise, both use the same basic copy protection (which has been cracked, patched, and cracked already) $$ Millions wasted ,months delayed

Visual output:
HD-DVD with their latest firmware release, has superior video output (1080p/24) that Blu-Ray cannot yet match. (high end displays required)
Neither is plug and play, and requires advanced user knowledge to tweak the player/tv setting for optimal display, for each different movie title. (because of different movie encoding differences)
HD-DVD has a technical an advantage (minor, due to complexity/requirements)

Specifics of the individual player model are more important here, entry vs advanced model,

A near tie. Blu-Ray had a starting advantage with the PS3 early release. Arguments abound as if these PS3's are used to play movies or not, and what their longterm impact will be. (endless what if's: What if PS3 tanks/stalls as a game system?)
Toshiba demonstrated that price will drive sales, and they are cheaper.
Both camps spin and cherry pick to support their desired bias.

Currently, the real sales figures are trivial in the overall scheme. Its like predicting a nascar race while the cars are still accelerating into the second turn of the race. Exciting and fun. but really pointless and simple posturing.

Studio Support:
Exclusive studio support is disaster for everyone, as highly desired movies are only available on one or another. Early adopters have been known to by both format players.
Blu-Ray has an good advantage here

Manufacturing (ease/cost):
Blu-Ray requires new manufacturing equipment == more expensive to create disks
HD-DVD - can use modified existing DVD pressing equipment. Cheaper and faster to ramp up production.
HD-DVD has a manufacturing $$ advantage.
Both are having production issues for players and disks due to limited capacity.

Historical backing:
Blu-Ray - owned 100% by Sony (which owns the PS3, and 2-3 major movie studios) This can be good and bad. Sony dumps losers suddenly. Longterm having one company in total control for the HD format is not appealing to the industry honchos. Sony can be a 900 gorilla.
HD-DVD - created by everyone else as the successor to DVD's. BUT, only Toshiba is providing significant push (with some sideline assistance and cheering)


So, its too early to tell.
This holiday season will be significant for both formats.
The longer this war (more like a slap fest, one up manship) goes on, the greater chance everyone will lose out to HD video on demand.
(Verizon FIOS and DirecTV are pushing hard here)

My advise:

Either accept that fact you may chose the long term loser and lose $500+ over a few years, or wait till the blood dries a bit next year.
PS: The way both camps are updating/replacing players, just assume you will replace it in less than 2 years anyway. The disks will work for years.

My personal Bias (finally)
Business wise and technologically, I lean towards HD-DVD. I just don't trust Sony when they create their propertiary formats. But, of the current released movies, Blu-ray has more movies that 'I' want to own. Lean back...
But, there are not a lot in either format, I really want yet. A lot of junk and fluff.
No, I haven't purchased yet. I almost bought one of the $99 HD-DVD specials last week.

Remember, the manufacturers and studios are in this for the $$$. Bribes, and kickbacks are rampant right now as these two monopolies are in a blood feud over the future of many billions of $$. Not our good will..

I have always strenuously supported the right of every man to his own opinion, however different that opinion might be to mine. He who denies another this right makes a slave of himself to his present opinion, because he precludes himself the right of changing it. Thomas Paine (1737-1809), The Age of Reason, 1783
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