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Default Re: Druid Talent specs

My druid is feral, in large measure because I don't really care to heal. It's an important role, and I like having them along for obvious reasons. It's just not for me though.

In the end, it can be a tough call; and there are pros/cons. On the up side, feral druids can have more health/armor then a warrior, but on the downside, many I have seen thus far don't have the defence rating, or where with all to withstand crushing blows. They do have the obvious benefit of being unable to be polymorphed, which makes them a good choice wrt tanking a mob that sheeps. The shamy on the first boss in Gruul's can be done with 2 hunters using range attacks and off tanking each other, or some methods mention that a druid tank can be used to avoid sheep. This said, we're progressing there, haven't downed that boss just yet (getting closer though).

The tough call, and I'd ask someone if they were still around, is there's one person on my horde realm, who before the last druid nerfs could solo BRD at lvl 64 or 65 as feral spec. However, when we tried using a feral druid as OT in kara, the health/armor is nice, but the crushing blows are what got him. Putting this person on Julliet in Opera also had the added disadvantage of no interupts, and we were then (didn't have rogues that week), relying on 3 mages to sort out the interuption of the heal. Put the druid in bear on Romulo, and the crushing blows brought the person from almost full health to almost no health in a single hit, the healers couldn't keep up. The person only has 405 def rating, or something like that though. The warriors closer to 500. Got a DPS actually, warrior who was on a dif night, to come with that kara group latter in week, Romulo and Juls were downed first attempt without fuss.

Could something be worked? Yeah, possibly, and gear could help also. Though from what I gather, feral druids largely just have their tier sets, arena sets, and faction rewards? If you go this way, plan on hitting Cenarion Expedition exalted, for the staff. The same person in question though, has successfully tanked some heroics though. This said, there's also cat form, and the feral druid I mentioned on my horde realm, had previously raided up through BWL, MC, AQ40. If he was still around, I'd ask him about what I'm seeing with this other feral druid in kara. There is also cat form though...
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