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Default Re: Blizzard changes arguments wrt game balance questions, when it comes to locks

Originally Posted by Son Goku
This is pattently false; and I can speak as one who's current main is a hunter. I'm marksman spec now for raids, but I was BM, and am well aware of enrage pet and the beast within. However, this forever you speak of simply isn't there. Enrage pet has a duration of 18 secs, which is not forever. Also, it has a cooldown, as does intimidation (pet stun). Look at the mention on my main's talent trees for BM (though he doesn't have points there anymore), and see specifically what it says on duration and cooldown.
I was exaggerating, I think thats obvious, but the point is still there, who are you to cry about fear with a 18 second immunity every 2 minutes? Will of the Forsaken only lasts 5 seconds and has no extra damage component and people still cry about it. How do you think hunters ended up being the second(might be first by now) most played class?
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