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Default Re: BlackSite: Area 51

Haven't made it that far yet.
Everything here is made of gold.

Again after Mikey (on another site) I will post my little mini review.


Well, I always put the framerate on my screenshots so people can see the performance for my rig and judge how it will run on theirs. I feel the performance is a little too low for the game and there are stutters quite often but I don't see the hard drive light on so it's not loading off of it. Also the game does not remember the resolution you selected after you exit it. I'm sure there are more problems too.


It's not too bad but nothing special so far. Aiming seems to be ok and a low framerate does not seem to make me miss like some games do. There is not really a lot of strategy to it. Just maybe crouch and pop up to shoot with the occasional grenade to lob. Seems you can only carry two weapons at a time plus grenades. It has a health regeneration system so popular in todays games especially recently.

The way the environments are set up bothers me a little. In the begining levels you get ushered down a path and then come to drop off points (like a ledge or broken stairs, too many in a row) where you can't return to the previous location since you can't reach it. I don't mind a little of that but this is set up so blatently it defies logic.

Some of the early inferior enemies remind me of playing Serious Sam where you are bombarded with a lot of uninteresting cannon fodder. They don't seem to respawn unless it's a certain scene that calls for it.
There is some humour in the game as well. At one point I was reminded of Star Wars and then a little further down the line it was referenced and that brought a smirk to my face. There seem to be some little comedy touches here and there which I don't mind.


I like the weapon sounds, it's a plus I guess. I was using a headset, Plantronics DSP 500.


There are pretty decent but everything seems overly shiny like many modern games and their engines. Not all rocks are supposed to be shiny you know. It runs too slowly too kind of like Rainbow Six Vegas but not quite as bad. Models aren't too shabby at all. Weapons are fine looking. It's the environments that suffer a little by poor design and the excess shine.


I can't comment on this.

Overall I'd give it two thumbs up. Unfortunately, one of those thumbs is up my bum.
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