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Default Re: Retail Crysis plays better than DEMO....

Originally Posted by shrapnel
Hi all
Will someone running Windows Vista 64 bit please confirm that running Crysis with 4GB RAM gives a better frame rate than running it with 2GB RAM ?
I installed vista 64 to run retail version on, since i heard it would perform better. Plus i bought more ram to make use of it.

Retail under x64 w. 4gb ram is running slower than the demo did on x32 with 2gb. The load times are better and so is the IQ. I put that down to the driver. The cruddy texture / water reflection bugs running in 32bit with 169.04 didn't occur in 64bit, which probably account for a lot of the performance drop. Since installing 169.09 the performance has gotten closer, although i noticed 32bit was still a slightly faster in the time demo, but not as much as it was before.

In game it doesn't seem to matter if i run under 32 or 64 bit (or even dx9 or dx10). With detail set to high the performance is pretty much uniformly bad.
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