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Default Re: Vista vs. XP in Crysis Performance

Originally Posted by six_storm
32-bit. I dunno why Vista is dropping my framerate like it is but I'm going to stick with XP for Crysis for right now. As far as tweaks go, I'm just trying to get the feel for what's best straight out of the box. I will try to look into some tweaks just to see if they improve anything. I still say that hardware isn't anywhere near caught up.
Strange, I know I don't have retail yet, but I've got very similar framerates in XP and Vista with the demo (GPU benchmark) with both DX9 and DX10 and all settings on HIGH. The only exception was DX10-64bit, that one dropped the average by 5frames (9 out of 10 runs) but one time it was actually just as fast as DX10-32bit/DX9-XP. I don't know what happened in that one run.

Anyway, I thought I should pass on the info even if it's not really helpful since I don't have the retail game.

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