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Nervetheless it is interesting, because the binary "chunk" is enclosed in an output driver that has some .c files around it. If the format of the binary file was that much different from the gcc 3.2 produced output objects, I think there should be a lot of errors in the compilation phase at least from the linker. But as stated, compiler itself is happy with the files, even with the binary file. It is the insmod that complains that the gcc3.2 outputted driver is not gcc 3.2 output file.

However, I have not digged the source files and thus I don't know the mechanism for loading this kernel module. I have always disagreed this method for driver distribution. Binary only is bad, but what can you do... The fact is that if you want to have working 3d acceleration with geforce cards on linux, you either use this hack or forget the acceleration completely.
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