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Default Re: Crysis Single player is so so...

Exact opposite here. This game gets better and better as it goes on. Fantastic variety of missions. Have had at least a good dozen 'OMG!' or 'WOW!' moments which most games rarely do. AI is not perfect but it is one the best I've seen in any SP shooter. They do react to dead bodies. Flares are constantly being sent off with more backup troops arriving. The CoD'esque level is top notch with chaos all over. Story is a bit thin but I never expect much from any game on story. Sounds are simply amazing. Hair on my neck stood up and I was so tense and freaked out in a certain spoiler scene; I won't ruin for anyone. Suit powers are great and turn this game from simply FarCry2 to a totally great game.

WTF more do you people want? This game is a 10/10 if there ever was one.

Crysis is GOTD contender for sure.

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