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Default Re: no SLI performance increase with UT2004

Since I dual boot, I installed the UT2004 on my XP_64 drive. Performance under XP_64 in SLI gave 2-3 times higher performance under SLI both in instant action and online. Where I seemed to average 35 fps and could not get above 45 fps under Linux SLI, under XP_64 SLI it goes way over 100 and never drops below 60 fps. This indicates an issue with the nvidia driver or Linux, or both. It runs much better under Linux FC5_64 with a single card than in SLI, but still much lower performance than under XP_64. Very disapointing performance under Linux and even worse under Linux and SLI.

I had initially installed XP_64 just for the UT3 demo. I had to switch to an SLI board to get playable performance with UT3. That made a big negative impact on UT2004 performance. My initial setup was as follows;
Epox NF4 Ultra MB, 2.4 GHz Opteron 180, 2Gig DDR400, 7950GT 512MB
My SLI setup is as follows;
DFI Infinity NF4 SLI, 2.4 GHz Opteron 180, 2Gig DDR400, two 7950GT 512MB in SLI
Everything else is identical except the board and 2nd card. All settings at max and 1600x1200 res.
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