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Default Re: IGN's review of Crysis

Originally Posted by ahheadlock
yep, i've given up on playing it right now. I've spent more time trying to get the thing running at a decent rate while still looking good than i have really playing it. Kind of ruins the enjoyment if you have to keep going in and tweaking things every 5 minutes. I'll let it sit there until a) some sort of miracle patch comes out which makes it playable or b) new hardware is released (i'm hoping this rumoured g92 gts is good).
See, I spent nearly a week straight with the demo doing that so I would be ready for the retail version. Seeing that you have the 640mb GTS, and after working with my brother's system that has the 320mb GTS, I discovered that the best playable and best looking blend for his system came from starting off with all setting on the right hand side of the advanced effects set to medium except water and then bumping shaders, texture quality and object quality to high and lastly, editing the game.cfg file to include sun rays, battle dust and parallax occlusion mapping.

I really couldn't notice any substancial visual difference between those settings and all high settings when watching the time demo and at 1280X1024 with AA off, he was benching an acceptable 25~30 fps. I'm sure you could bump up shadow quality and physics and get the same results, if not better results.

You could use Hardocp's review of the 8800GT as a reference since the GT and your GTS are so similar.
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