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Default Re: Stuttering In Crysis

Originally Posted by mumstheword
Anyone have this problem where the game is running smoothly and when you go to certain areas the fps just drops to 1-3 fps and turns into a slide show? It usually happens when i'm around areas with solid structures. This is the same sh*t that happened in the beta.

I'm running on XP @ 1680x1050 with full very high config. I get a steady 17-19fps in most areas. But for example during Recovery level by the building the fps drops to 1-3fps inside and outside the building. Only way to make it run smoothly is to lower everything to medium or drop the resolution to 1280x800.

It's really odd that there's such a discrepancy in performance.

Im guessing you are running it in Vista? I have no issues like that in XP but in Vista I notice sudden FPS drops (dual boot). Probably the OS fighting for memory... damn bloatware. Everyone should be playing Crysis in XP to gain an extra 10 FPS.
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