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Originally Posted by Valdoror
So I'll have to switch to WinXP, although that's rather bad news for me.
Another option is to build one box for games, and another box for your day-to-day linux tasks. The linux box can be made of moderately outdated hardware so that Linux support by the open source guys has already been set up.

In most cases with a contemporary distribution, you won't have to configure anything on a box like that. It will all come to life when you first boot.

Also, the fact that it's moderately outdated means nothing because Linux performs better and aside from games there's little out there which currently requires any serious horsepower.

For example, while I'm waiting for this crap with the nvidia linux drivers to be resolved, I'm enjoying Linux on my laptop.

Although video card drivers are a special case. They have a bunch of patent protected ubersecret stuff in them, so if you use the open source drivers that are installed automatically by most distros you can't do the really cool compiz type stuff. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong)
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