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Default Re: Crysis Single player is so so...

Originally Posted by TrixteH
I have waited years for this im not gonna even bother buying it....not for the time being anyway.

I want to see what DX10 is really like....Crysis was sposed to deliver this but it doesn't.

Overhyped imho.........
That's the dumbest thing I think I'll read all day... well mabey with the exception of China using recycled condoms for hair bands...

But I really don't comprehend why you wouldn't buy it. The game was not overhype in the least. The graphics got all the hype and it delivered what we were expecting with flying colors and loads of future upgrades to the shaders/engine potential.

no one cared one bit about the storyline of the game at ALL before we got the demo and now that people are thinking that the story doesn't match the splendor that the graphics deliver, a few are discrediting the game as garbage.

It's the first game besides farcry to do what it does as far as the open ended combat and the first of it's kind to give the player the ablity to alter combat with the nano suit.

Crytek set the bar so high with the graphics, the story was bound to fall short but it does a really good job of making a good effort to stack up next to the graphics and definately shows what's possible and what flexable outdoor combat can be.

And the people who are pissed that their subpar hardware can't handle the game maxed out need to grow up and realize that Crytek wasn't about to sell out and dumb down their vision of what a great game was supposed to look like just so guys with aged hardware could swing their e-penises around and boast that they were running it maxed out.

No they set the graphics bar for what a great game is supposed to look like and single handedly humiliated every other graphics engine to date. Since no one's computer at the moment is capable of running the game totally maxed out at a retarded high frame rate, we'll all just have to suck up our pride and enjoy it the best our PC's will allow us.
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