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Default Re: Crysis Single player is so so...

Youv'e misinterpreted my point........

I wanted to see DX10 running in all its splendor, like crytek promised us and as far as im concerned, Crysis doesn't deliver.

I can guarantee that we will see a better game (graphical and gameplay wise) than Crysis within 6 months.

Also i said that i won't buy it just yet....i want to see patches and drivers released for this game that will improve the performance...and they will come. The amount of times they put this game back to MAKE IT BETTER, i expected a lot more. When i play this game i want to play it smoothly with high graphics settings not just squeezing 35fps out on mediocre settings.

No point in saying its the dumbest thing you have read as it is my opinion and my computer is certainly not SUBPAR, to me your just being a fanboi.

And of course it's overhyped...what game marketed by EA isn't.....
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