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Default Re: Crysis Single player is so so...

Originally Posted by TrixteH
Youv'e misinterpreted my point........

I wanted to see DX10 running in all its splendor like crytek promised us and as far as im concerned Crysis doesn't deliver.
What were you expecting that you don't see here?

Originally Posted by TrixteH
When i play this game i want to play it smoothly with high graphics settings not just squeezing 35fps out on mediocre settings.
I don't see that happening on anything less than an ultra or pair of GTX's or pair of GT's.

Originally Posted by TrixteH
No point in saying its the dumbest thing you have read as it is my opinion and my computer is certainly not SUBPAR, to me your just being a fanboi.
No I'm just being realistic. GTX/GTS/Ultras are all based on technology over a year old which by any hardware point of view is extremely dated. It just happens that we've never had a game that could push them to their processing limits until now and people are getting their panties in a wad because their once almighty 8800's are now being brought to their knees.

Now, if whenever Nvidia releases their sucessor to the 8800's and we dont' see much of an improvement in performance then yes, it would be time to question Crytek's optimizations.

Fanboi's remain loyal to a particular obsession, disregarding any factors (often including logic) that differ from their point of view. While I think Crysis is a good game, it's not the best game I've played and by no means my favorite. I enjoyed COD4's story and content more than that of crysis. I liked HL2's story and content more than that of crysis. Heck, I enjoyed Oblivion's story and content much more than that of Crysis but the graphics alone in crysis deliver a totally unparalleled immersive experience with the environment that is untouched.
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