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Default Re: Crysis *NOT* optimized for Multi-Core, yet?

Originally Posted by FastRedPonyCar

There's one scene with an old rope bridge connecting a base entrance to a road. I sniped a couple of machine gunners from a bush with the silencer. One was alone and no one else in the vicinity saw it. Second guy saw the other one I killed drop to the ground and he immediately started looking around for the killer. he looked all over and eventually right at the bush I was hiding in for a second and never did anything and eventually started patrolling around again. Now, when I pulled out the un silenced precision rifle and shot a tower sniper, everyone around came charging out onto the bridge. I shot one of the ropes and immediately, they all ran back into the base and took up defensive positions while another small group of them left through the other entrance of the base and ran around the road up to where I was (Which I was long gone and hiding by the time they reached my original bush I was hiding in) and they started searching around the area trying to find me. Meanwhile up in the base, one of the koreans had climbed up into the guard tower and grabbed the dead sniper's rifle and was also looking for me. That's AI.

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