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Default Re: Crysis Single player is so so...

I've been disappointed by every big title this year, honestly.

Crysis visuals are growing on me, and I'll say hands down it's beautiful ...but it's a slow moving tech demo. The gameplay is meh imo.

Gears of War which I loved on 360 runs so stuttery on my machine its not worth loading up.

Unreal Tournament 3 imo is a bust. I'm getting bored of the gameplay and the visuals arent much to write home about.

Area 51 is a stuttering mess, runs like a dog and is pretty cliched.

Call of Duty 4 is scripted which is annoying, but aside from that, I just didn't care for it. Terrorism is as old and boring to me as ww2.

Even if games havent exposed it as much, the subject matter is everywhere so it feels very familiar.

I'm suprisingly enjoying the summer hits more than the fall ones.

Stranglehold, Bioshock, Lost Planet. All those are great fun o me.
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