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Default Re: Retail Crysis plays better than DEMO....

Originally Posted by shrapnel
I'm wondering too !! reported massive performance boosts with Vista x64, but unfortunately didn't clear up the 2GB-4GB RAM confusion. btw did you remember to choose ' Single Display Performance mode' and Force on Vertical sync...... thats supposed to improve performance dramatically under Vista x64.
Would someone running Vista x64 with 4GB RAM and using a 8800 GTX or Ultra please enlighten us ?
Legion Hardware are DUMB! They ran the 32bit exe vs the 64bit exe in Vista 64. How stupid is that? Check their system specs... Of course it runs better in x64, the 32bit version was not in its native environment. For me, the 32bit exe runs like crap in Vista 64... Right now it's like this: XP32 > Vista 32 > Vista 64. I've tested and retested, XP is slightly faster, Vista 64 and 32 are roughly equal, with Vista 32 performing maybe 0.5-1 fps better. XP32 is maybe 2-3 frames up from there.

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