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Default Re: Blizzard changes arguments wrt game balance questions, when it comes to locks

Originally Posted by Ninja Prime

but then I am well geared and understand the game mechanics, which clearly you do not.
You're the one comparing Paladins "stuns" to Warlock Fear, and calling them equal..

Warlock Fear can be re-applied instantly (no cooldown). Paladin stun has a 1 minute cooldown.

Warlock Fears have a chance to break on damage. The Paladin Repetence (which you refer to as a second stun) has a 100% chance to break upon ANY damage.

There's no comparison, and if you truly feel that a Paladin can stun-lock as effectively as a Warlock can fear-lock, then it's YOU that doesn't understand game mechanics.

There's only one way a Paladin can stun-lock. You'd need a Deep Thunder or Stormherald, and since Paladins do not get mace spec, you'd need to use Seal of Justice. This has a chance to proc a stun on diminishing returns, and since you're using up a seal, the DPS is beyond laughable. It's auto-attack plus crusader stike. It effectively removes the Paladin combat system. It's also not a guarantee, like Fear is.
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