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Default Re: *** Official Retail Crysis Review Thread ***

Originally Posted by SH64
The graphics are so gorgeous that i'd like to take a screenshot every 2 seconds
no time though .. i've got to get on playing
the tanks battle is awseome! & the battlefield is massive! .. the mountains in the background form a fantastic view with all the rocks falling on the ground.
everything in this game looks amazing , the day/night cycle esp dawn & sunset , the explosions , the indoors .. even the grass thanks to the built-in blur looks great!
i'm talking about DX9 .. i didnt touch the DX10 yet. i'll keep it for later.
The sun rays and battle dust add an immense level of real-ness to the fight.. epseically the battle dust and generic haze in the air when things hare happening. You'll go from a crystal clear forest with nothing but leaves falling into a massive fire fight and after the last korean falls dead, the sunlight's rays penetrating down through the canopy being lit up with the dust and debris left in the air is jaw dropping.

Did you try manually turning them on with a config tweak to see if it runs ok with them on?
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