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Default Re: Retail Crysis plays better than DEMO....

Originally Posted by JasonPC
You Vista haters are ridiculous. Vista is not going anywhere face it. It will eventually replace XP like XP replaced its predacessors. Yes it has a bigger resource footprint. Yes it's demanding. But you act like hardware is not going to get better. Hardware will get better and all the concerns about Vista's resource usage will be null and void eventually. Aside from that Vista has good features and I much prefer it over XP on daily usage. But I have XP dual booted since I know it is less of a resource hog and may provide a better environment to play certain games.
I think that the vista hater's points are not that there's something wrong with the OS, it's just that it seems that for some reason or the other DX10 isn't doing it's job of rendering things more effeciently. That's one problem.

Second problem is that hardware companies can't seem to figure out how to make decent drivers.

So it's not totally MS's fault. It's just that others are making what is actually a decent product look worse than it actually is.

I've got vista on my laptop and I actually like it. It looks great and after figuring out where they put all the stuff used to actually do real admin tasks on the machine, it wasn't too bad.
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