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Default Re: SOF3 Payback Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Mike89
I've been playing it and will give some user comments.

First of all, another bleeping game without FSAA (no in game setting and forcing control panel does nothing). Seems to be the trend lately. So unacceptable to me that this setting continues to be ignored by game makers.

No in game video settings to speak of except an Aniso setting. No config in game folder to adjust anything.

Has a bad shadow flickering problem all over the place where ever there are shadows. Completely ruins the game.

Has a set motion blur and depth of field that I think looks like crap, is way overdone and can't be adjusted out. Enough with this blur crap already.

This game could have been quite good if some tweaking would have been done. I don't see how anyone up there could have actually played this game and released it the way it is.

I feel like it was a "flip you the bird" as they are taking your money deal. Very disappointed.
Can you change the resolution? Argh what a shame, is the action any fun at all?
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