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Default Re: GameSpot Crysis Hardware Performance Guide - Must Read!

Originally Posted by Gaco
I'm not trying to be an ass here, but I don't find that guide useful. Actually I couldn't find a single piece of useful information and the bit I found is not something that I hadn't read in either of the following two guides which I would much sooner recommend:

Official Crysis tweak guide

Mad Boris' tweakguide on

And btw I notice a pretty good difference between medium and high shaders. For me I get what I pay for in FPS.

Anyways I guess that GS guide can be alright if you've not played crysis yet or have absolutely no idea where you stand performancewise with some specific system specifications. also had those low, medium, high, very high comparison shots of each setting, but it's always nice to have more I guess

I don't see any screenshots in your listed guides?? The Gamespot guide has screenshots of all the different quality options. Maybe you missed those as thats what I found to be most valuable. Nowhere else has anyone posted IQ comparisons of each of the visual settings. I don't understand what "For me I get what I pay for in FPS" is supposed to mean ...not quite sure if you are impying that we should be happy with crappy frames and high end hardware as all the other new games that have come out run great for me.
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