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Default Re: My Complete Review of Crysis

I'm sick of the Crysis bashing as much as the next guy, but he has made a somewhat valid point.

Just look at those two shots. IMO, the Farcry shot looks better. It's not 100% apples to apples comparison wise, but its pretty darn close.

I'm running Crysis just fine on my rig and it looks gorgeous most of the time. I'll take the nice IQ at 30 over Farcry at 90. But really, the game should scale much better on lesser systems. For his system, either the frame rate OR IQ should be higher than it is in the Crysis shot. I understand that there is more going on in terms of AI and Physics.... but hasn't it been proved that the game is much more demanding on your GPU than your CPU? It doesn't even begin to really tap dual or quad core processors.

Point being is this: Lower IQ should never equal lower FPS regardless of what two games you're comparing. At the quality settings at which Crysis is running in that screenshot, there should be much better performance. Obviously he would have a better experience in terms of IQ and FPS if he had a better system, but he should be able to enjoy Crysis at Farcry level IQ and have a playable frame rate.
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