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Default Re: My Complete Review of Crysis

Originally Posted by Elvin Presler
God, I sure hope so! Your rig must have cost as much as a 1 year old used car. If I had the rig in your signature, I would expect no less than 140+ frames per second in any new game on the market. If you don't get that...the game is crap or your an idiot for forking over that kind of money for hardware like that. You choose.
Grats, you just called most of the people here idiots. Maybe you didn't realize what kind of forum this is, and there are plenty with specs comparable to mine.

The gameplay may leave much to be desired considering the hype, but that's just my personal opinion. As for the performance, if it's not this game, it'll be another. Get used to it. If you have a passion for gaming, PC or whatnot, this fact is well known and we all love it enough to upgrade if need be. Whining about it certainly won't increase your PC's performance.

But I am with you on the unoptimization of this game. I think for the return in graphics, the hardware requirement is outlandish. Better coding is needed, and it is a mess. However that's just reality, and like I said before, driver updates and patches will hopefully fix it. As it stands now, this game is overhyped, the performance/ graphic return vs. price is shoddy, but hey, at least someone is trying to push the envelope. Hopefully it gets better with time.

And I think you need to curb your expectations, and if it's not met, well this IS a graphic card enthusiasts site first and foremost, so go and upgrade.

All in all, the game is still good, and certainly looks better than FarCry and plays better. Not the greatest thing ever, but meh. Give credit where credits due.

As for the price of my system, do your own research. That 1 year old used car you're speaking of must be relatively cheap!

EDIT: BTW, if I lower everything to that pic you posted, systems like mine can easily push past 60. I'm sure others can attest to that.
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