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Default Re: Crysis & PC Shutdown Problem

Sorry. Should have thought of that even though I don't think it's PC problem because it happens at the exact same point in the game. Here they are.

Windows XP Pro
AMD 64 4200+ x2 @ 3.04 ghz w/ V1 (CL-P0401) Heatsink
EVGA 8800 GTX w/ Thermalright HR-03 Plus Cooler with 92 mm (54 CFM) fan
Creative X-Fi (Fatality)
2 gb Gskill memory
WD 36 gb Raptor
WD 300 gb SATA drive
Antec True Power 2.0; 500 watt PS

Temps are:
CPU Full Load: 42-45 c
GPU: 45-54 c

All in-game settings on high except postprocessing and shadows (both at medium) and 1680x1050. Also running a modified autoexec.cfg.
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