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Originally Posted by Valdoror
You're totally right and I personnaly can't tolerate it anymore

I've been using Linux for 9 years now and I feel I've spent more time configuring things to get them work than simply enjoying my - great - operating system.

We're talking about video cards here, but it also applies to any kind of hardware (sound cards, printers, scanners, etc...).

Today I'm really fed up. I know the problem does not come from Linux developers, you've just given the right cause. But I can't wait any longer.

So I'll have to switch to WinXP, although that's rather bad news for me.

I just hope Linux support from hardware manufacturers will greatly improve in the coming years...

Until then, I'll be enjoying my 8800GT through Windows, my only choice for the moment
I'm not saying that you're right or wrong... but somehow, the word over-reaction seems like an under-statement when I compare your reaction to the actual problem.

You seem to got it back-wards: Instead of tailoring your hardware to match your requirements/environment, you tailor your requirements/environment to match your (newly bought) hardware.

Does having the first 8800GT in the block (instead of waiting, err, two weeks...) really warrants such a change? In my view, no - but if it does (warrant such a change) in your view, you are clearly using the wrong OS for your needs.

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