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Default Re: Crysis Single player is so so...

Originally Posted by agentkay
Enable the damn effects in DX9 if you have such a grief. At least Crytek left the cfgs open and didn't hardcore the bonus effects like all other "DX10 games" did. Wait, you didn't buy the game anyway (yet) so stop bitching, it gets slowly annoying.
Chill i aint bitching just simply stating facts...sorry to put a dampener on your beloved game.......

I didnt upgrade to Vista and get a DX10 card to play Crysis in ****ing DX9....get a grip plz.

At the end of the day Crysis is not the game they said it would be at this moment in time...why cry at me for stating that. If your happy with Crysis good for you, your easily on the other hand am not.

I'm getting my copy later today...maybe i am wrong and that somehow the retail has improvements from the demo....if not then im right.

*Edit* Seems i am wrong...the retail certainly plays a lot better for me than the demo with the same settings.
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