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Default Re: Post your final config for retail crysis here!

Originally Posted by PaiN
With more play time, I realised I wasn't happy with the frame rates, especially in the jungle I killed the 2xAA I was using and that made a huge performace improvement. I guess Crytech needs to work on thier AA routines because even that piddly 2X setting had a huge cost
Ya, I had to turn off AA completely at 1920x1200... however I am using edgeAA and that is giving me much less of a performance hit while still smoothing things out just enough to not look like ****. Currently playing with everything on High and using the following system.cfg

r_sunshafts = 1
r_WaterGodRays 1

I should read up more on other settings to see what I can cut or add. But at this point I just want to play the damn game already. It looks great with my current settings and plays at about 20~25 FPS average. Not great, but oddly, it seems smooth while playing. I might try to up the OC on my video card and see what that does...
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